Name: Kevin Curtis Sober Since: December 12, 2011 Bio: Kevin grew up in Santa Clarita, CA. He battled his disease of addiction for many years. Having been sober since December 12, 2011, Kevin has embellished his life with recovery. He loves volunteering and hosting sober events on the weekends for a youth recovery group in his hometown. Another way he is giving back is through Sober Movement Non Profit. He wishes that everyone can find what he has found through sobriety and he hopes that Sober Movement can help do just that. Living life to the fullest and embracing sobriety is a passion of his. Message: "Sobriety is not just an absence of the self-destructive behaviors, but a change in overall lifestyle. Being sober is not just a label, it's a MOVEMENT!" Contact: @kevywevy_
Name: Darren Brewster Sober Since: November 21 2011 Bio: Darren Brewster has been sober since November 21 2011. He is beyond passionate about recovery and helping others in recovery. He is bold and open about his addiction to all and believes it is a huge testimony to share for others to realize they too can have their lives turn around. After wasting many years in his addiction, he is huge on making new memories and experiences and truly living this new life he has been given. He's been hosting sober events for youth in his hometown every weekend for the last couple years and just loves seeing the light turn on for others. He really hopes Sober Movement can be a platform to help encourage and connect others in their journey in recovery. Message: "We got sober so that we can truly live again. If you are sober and miserable you might as well be back in your active addiction. Now that you aren't, find passions, truly pursue life and do it with others along the way"





























Our mission is simple. Sober Movement is dedicated to the unionization of those in all forms of recovery. We believe that being sober is not just an absence of the self-destructing behaviors, but a change in overall lifestyle. We are here to promote that being sober is not just a label, but a MOVEMENT!