Sober Movement is a non-profit with a mission to promote sobriety as a lifestyle through online support groups, engaging video productions, and community events. At SM, we believe everyone has a unique story, therefore our online support group is a place that welcomes many recovery programs and approaches to a sober lifestyle. Our Facebook group receives thousands of new members monthly sharing personal challenges and achievements. As the Sober Movement community grew in size, challenges of how to better connect with the community arose. The founders got together and decided to start a YouTube! channel geared towards delivering quality education and inspiring productions. Currently we are working on a fun web series called, “The Happy Hour”. The web series is a talk show promoting sobriety as a lifestyle with guest appearances. If you are interested in becoming a guest and sharing your story, you can contact us here.

Although social technology enabled us to better connect with our online communities, we still haven’t lost focus on how it all began; community events. We continue to be actively involved in promoting sobriety to communities of young adults across California through mentorship and event facilitation. Beach bonfires, concerts at the park, bowling, and pizza parties are all made possible through supportive donations of like-minded organizations, sponsors, and individuals.With over 90,000 unique followers across major social media platforms, our organization is quickly becoming the number one place to get your sobriety fix. As a non-profit we need your help to grow our mission and spread the message of sobriety as a lifestyle. Support us by purchasing merchandise and/or selecting one of our donation packages. Welcome to the movement!