The New Look

Hey Sober fam, first and foremost a huge shout out to everyone that continues to support us via donation, sharing their personal stories, and sending kind messages to our inbox. Running a non-profit is never easy, especially with limited funding. Our new look would not be possible without the financial support from merchandise and donation package purchases. The Sober Movement community continues to grow enabling us to represent the benefits of sobriety as a lifestyle to more than 100,000 unique followers and subscribers on a daily basis. Inspirational stories of personal success and triumph over daily challenges continue to flood our online community groups. If you have not done so, be sure to check out our sobriety fellowship on Facebook: Sober Movement (Group). It is the place to find support and love!

Sobriety is not always a pretty picture, and sharing a personal story can often become triggering. We want to thank to the time acknowledge all of the individuals that have opened up to us on our community groups with their unique experiences. Last month alone our online sobriety group had over 60,000 posts and interactions. Taking the time to write out a well thought out and genuine post can impact thousands of people, even though they may not interact with your post by liking it or commenting. So, you might be wondering why the new look?

Sober Movement is looking to provide more value to the community. We have decided to re-launch our website to make it more user friendly and accessible. We wanted to optimize for a mobile friendly version of the site, helping us reach more people conveniently using a cellphone. With the launch of the new site, we are looking for guest bloggers and article contributors to help spread the word about sobriety. Finally, we also have some excitement brewing on YouTube! which we will be revealing in a few weeks. If you or anyone you know would like to contribute please be sure to write us via Facebook, Instagram or send us an e-mail through our website form.

Until next time!

-Sober Movement Team

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