10 Weeks Sober – @SoberMovement

My name is Alex, and this is my 10th week sober. I had tried going sober a few times this year, but always had a relapse. This time around I have finally found my footing. Sobriety is something I plan to stick with, for my life’s sake.

I was self destructive during my alcoholic days. Binge drinking every night [and even during the day at work]. I would become a violent argumentative individual. I ruined relationships with family, friends, and my now ex-girlfriend. It took a hospital visit after a near death accident and my ex attempting a restraining order against me to finally snap out of the hell I was living in. I needed help.

10 weeks isn’t a long time frame given some other survivors on here, but in this short amount I’ve started to get my ducks in a row. I have full time employment, my own residence, and am on track to get my online college degree. I’ve also begun working out again and watching my diet: I’ve lost 42 pounds!

The support system I have is indescribable. The family and friends who are always there for me is just amazing. I treated these people terrible during my self destruction, yet they still got my back. I can never repay them. One of my biggest accomplishments is having a buddy of mine tell me he is sober now because of me. That is possibly the greatest accomplishment of my life.


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