10 years and 70 lbs later… -@SoberMovement

So this weekend I celebrated 10 years. On the left is me shortly before I quit and on the right is me doing what I love Sunday afternoon. To anyone struggling I offer this: I was hopelessly addicted to booze, and I saw zero way I would ever stop. Then one night I was watching the Craig Ferguson show and his monologue was about being an alcoholic and how he realized he had to take accountability for his actions himself, no one else was going to do it. Soaked in tears I set down a bottle of Jameson’s, half full, and never took another drink. I then changed many things, I had to…some friends had to go, my diet got healthy, then ultimately working out and yoga. After 20 years of truly abusing my body I got out, and now 10 years later I’m happy, productive and in excellent health. If me taking a moment to tell this helps even only one person, I would be delighted…I know how lonely, hopeless and anxiety filled that existence was. It takes time, it takes change, it takes determination, but suddenly a magical day appears where you start seeing results, and they suddenly start streaming in on you. That amazing time when you realize “Wow… I really COULD make the journey to this…”. I promise, if I made it, and you truly want to, you can.


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