14 Months Sober – @SoberMovement

August 31st 2017 was my breaking point. Ive Spent the last 14 months of my life healing all the parts of me that were destroying me. I was drinking , drugging, and battling depression. I didn’t want to feel the sadness I was feeling on the inside so I would do anything for a instant high. Meanwhile I was destroying myself more and testing limits with my life. I filled my mirror with self affirmations. I forced myself out of bed every morning. I sat alone in my grief and sadness and it was the lonliest scariest place I’ve ever been. I lost myself completely. I finally started to work through my problems rather than numb them. This has been the best but hardest time in my life. I’m so blessed and happy to be sober and healthy. I took it day by day. One week turned into one month and then one year of sobriety. My addictions, depression, and anxiety are all losing right now.


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