2 Years of Sobriety on June 5th! – @SoberMovement

2 years clean and sober seemed like an impossible feat! With God by my side, I am mentally, spiritually, and emotionally stronger than I have ever been. People will see the glow that He gives you, and want what you have! You can do this, trust the process and feel free to reach out. Blessings


1 thought on “2 Years of Sobriety on June 5th! – @SoberMovement”

  1. Massive congrats I”m only in my first month of sobriety. Can. you tell me what the hardest parts of your journey were? I’m in AA and have had panic attacks int eh evening, now I’m starting to get through the panic attacks but feel like I’m ion a bit of a brain fog and don’t have the focus I Had before when I was drinking.

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