2 years! – @SoberMovement

Comparing 2 years of sobriety to our summer vacation photos! From type 2 diabetes, 2 b/p meds in 2017 to losing 95 lbs, no diabetes and no high blood pressure 2019! No more heartburn, no more hangovers taking my kid to school…on the left felt like the worst vacation ever, I knew I was in trouble…..last week on the right? Hiking and white water rafting w my family, having the time of our lives! How could I ever go back? 20 years of drinking made my body go into shut down mode, no matter how much Apple Cider vinegar, water, smoothies, quick detoxes, ect I tried to trick my body into, the solution was right before my eyes. And until I thought I would not see the next morning on Nov. 27, 2017, the solution was clear.


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