4th Year of Sobriety – @SoberMovement

I’m still in the fight big bro and momma in Heaven❤🙏🏿. Wow,today 4 years ago i entered Endeavor House Rehabilitation for my addiction to alcohol,and i remember on the ride there i had so many doubts and i wasn’t sure if it was the right decision for alot of reasons. It was definitely one of the scariest choices i made BUT it was one of the best choices i made,because it was either check into that place..or DIE..Today makes 4 years Sober off of alcohol and these 4 years has been a journey of ups ,downs,sadness,love,rock bottom,homelessness,tragedies,people giving up on me,throwing stones,no food or money or job at times…BUT THROUGH IT ALL GOD HAS KEPT ME..I MEAN THIS WITH ALL OF MY HEART..GOD AND LOVE..I am grateful to God for protecting me and giving me strength to make it another year SOBER and for helping me through everything that has happened that NO MATTER WHAT it’s never worth picking up and drinking again.To all my brothers and sisters in addiction your life is so precious and worth more than money and I’m here if you ever need to talk and to my brothers and sisters in Recovery, stay in the fight and let’s keep sharing the hope and keep in heart those who didnt make it. Always in my heart the ones who didn’t wake up,yall are apart of my will to fight on. And thank you to all who have graced my journey and never gave up on me and showed me love through it all.✌🏿, LOVE,AND BLESSINGS. #4YEARSSOBER #GRATEFUL #FIGHTINGFORMORETHANME #STILLINTHEFIGHT


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