6 Years of Sobriety – @SoberMovement

Never in a million years would I ever have thought that I could be this girl. I used to be the party, social, funny girl. I would be the leader of the pack to try and get people to drink with me. I would pre funk before the pre funk. I drank alone. I used drugs alone and did not share because I wanted to make sure there was enough for me, to ensure that I would be the “happy” one all night. I drank to mask my misery. I drank because I didn’t think you could have fun without being buzzed. I felt more confident. I was drinking most nights. Life was getting exhausting. I was sick a lot, but refused to give my body a break I was getting tired of feeling sick and tired. I met 3 sober people leading up to the 2103 New Year. Patrick from Cincinnati was one of them and his words got me. He said, “why don’t you just try? Find an AA meeting and just try” After being up for 36 hours on New Years Eve/Day, 2013. I decided that I would just try and see how it goes.
1-2-13 is the day I stopped drinking and doing drugs. The day I just tried. I realized that I am fun without a substance. I decided to take control and live. Love myself and fight for me! It’s not easy. It’s work! In many ways, it’s just what I do now. It’s how I live. With pride, strength, hope, positivity, understanding and love.

I am loud and proud sober!! One day at a time. Keep fighting for it!


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