6 years sober – 8 years clean @SoberMovement

My name is Ashley I start to drink everyday morning noon night time then I will repeat it again it was bad for me i didn’t care i wasn’t in my right mind at all drunk everyday i didn’t care about my life at all. I went got help stay in rehab for 7 months got out mid Oct 2014 I stay sober for a month I went back into drinking this time either I was going be alive or dead from drinking it was cool fun to drink to get drunk party it up everyday then I say forget this crap I’m done for good got up got the help I really need it this time I went to rehab stay in there yes it was hard not easy having withdrawal from alcohol it was bad for me but rehab help me got me on track where i knew things around me I got out around march 6th 2015 I stay sober for good will not touch it even look at it ever seen then I been sober 6 years now very proud of my life…. March 6th 2015-2020…. Drugs is nothing to play with it will killed you I start doing pills hard drugs as well i never did care about what I was doing to my life thought it was fun cool got the help i need it was going end up bad for me I stay in rehab for long time it was hard not easy to do this for my life i wasn’t in my right mind high everyday I got out of rehab around May5th 2012 I stay clean for long time will never return to drugs been clean for 8 years now very happy to be clean may 5th 2012 – 2020 this was before i start to drink my life away…


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