840 Days Sober – @SoberMovement

Its been 840 days without you, I haven’t heard from you in a while. I’ve been around you your entire life so you can’t just decide to come into mine one day and the next you up and disappear. You used to come to me for your problems, I’ve showed you how to numb all your feelings and forget all your responsibilities time and time again.Your not the same person I first met. It’s like you think your better than me. I hate when you’ve become..You think I need you? I don’t. There is over millions of people just like you just waiting for me to control them like how I did for you. These new friends of mine will put me first before anything in their lives just like you once did. They will steal for me, lie for me and even go as far as killing themselves for me. So don’t think for a second that your anything special. Your nothing to me now but a past memory we once shared. Good luck on your so called road to recovery, because it’s a joke. When your feeling any sense of doubt in your mind don’t forget I’m always going to be here in the shadows, I’ll always be a couple steps behind you just waiting for you to fail. And when that time does comes where you’ll realize I’m all that you’ll need, I’ll welcome you back with open arms, just like I always do. For I am a part of you that will never go away and I will follow you for the rest of your life.



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