999 Days Sober – @SoberMovement

Today I am 999 days into my recovery. In March I will celebrate THREE years! My journey to this moment started with a tiny shred of hope born from reading the stories of others in recovery. The feeling of being alone that I’d carried for most of my life started to fade and I felt a connection with human beings that I’d never felt before.
Those stories gave me the courage to fight for my self in a way I never had and those stories lit the fire of hope I so badly needed to get started.

My success in recovery is due to the connection I felt with those sharing their stories. The power of that experience was life changing and now I share my own story, because I KNOW what it can do. I openly talk about my alcoholism, addiction, and mental illness! I encourage anyone that feels comfortable in doing so, to speak up. You WILL help someone, and you WILL be part of helping to break down stigma.



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