Clean and Serine since 4-8-18 – @SoberMovement

Okay here’s the short version…
I was addicted to opiates (pills) for nearly 20 years and thought I would never get off them. I tried to kick ’em on my own a bunch of times but with no success. Then with the help of my family, friends, some AMAZING professional’s and my “HIGHER POWER” I got clean!
I know there’s a lot of cliches; “if I can do it, anyone can”; “it’s simple not easy”; ect…but they’re all true!
Also don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help, just do it! Trust me it’s WORTH IT! I’ve been clean since 4-8-18 and life just keeps getting better and better!
There’s no right way or wrong way to get clean/sober…There’s only your way and that’s the best way!


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