Clean, Sober Thoughts

I just recently celebrated 5 years of clean living in October. I am beyond grateful to be going into 2018 still sober. I am an alcoholic that turned to other recreational drugs when alcohol wasn’t enough. At times I woke up not knowing how I got home or where I was. I kept it my biggest secret to myself; even though my life was spinning out of control and losing friends/family. I was ashamed, it wasn’t until I quit being embarrassed that I took control of my life. People always ask me how do I maintain sobriety, I stay humble and never think I’m cured. I stay aware of my weaknesses and live for the day.

Contributor: Greg

1 thought on “Clean, Sober Thoughts”

  1. Congrats on your 5 years in October Greg! I can identify with your story. And yes for me, the beauty and magic is in the day. Wishing all the best. One day at the time. ‘We’ can do it.

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