Day 28 Sober and Happy!

28 days free from alcohol & cocaine. A 25 year old ‘social user’ who ended up using to get through the comedowns & start my day. I rapidly became notorious for being drunk/high on a weekday & not being able to have ‘a few’. I was ordering drugs ready to pick up at 12pm ready for 5pm when I got out of work. I’m not far into my journey but 28 days ago I made the decision not to be that girl anymore. I’ve lost friends, my so called social life & every day I’m fighting not to fall back into that hole. I could never have taken the first steps without my long suffering partner & my family & I am eternally grateful for their support. Can’t have day 365 without day 28. Onwards & upwards!

Contributor: Katy Jade Austin
IG: @katyjadeaustin

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