From Death to Blessed – Sober and Clean

I tried multiple times over a decade to get and stay sober, but it didn’t stick.  Until November 12, 2013 when I was pulled over and hospitalized for 2 days with a BAC so high most people die. My booking picture is on the left and the right is me, 4 years SOBER!!! After almost dying, I knew I had a choice-death, prison, or change.  So I changed.  I changed everything in my life and in myself.  I worked hard and came to find and love myself.  I have so many true friends now and my family is in my life again.  I have two amazing young sons and a dear husband who stood by me.  I laugh constantly and I love who I see in the mirror! I have a constant peace in my life and I truly know happiness!  I try to be vocal about my recovery to rid some of the stigma still associated with addiction.  I share my journey in hopes that it might help even one person. I am truly blessed with the grace God gave me!

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