Gangs, Drugs, and Prison to Sobriety – @SoberMovement

I am bobby rio, i’m not the usual kid next door never was, i didn’t have a bad life my mother isn’t responsible for my weak decisions, i started at a young age, before i knew it moved up quickly looking for the next easy way out, i hated my father for abandoning us, me, he promised , last remembrance was him giving me a mason jar full of marbles, 5 dollars, and a broken promise that he’d come back, and by the way these are your younger brothers, not, and he never came back waited , not so i was removed from the porch by my mom and nana , that was the beginning and the end, beginning of my addiction, to drugs , in and out of facilities till county then prison, and revolving doors, hat a nightmare i am ashamed to admit that i did everything i could do in the pursuit to staying well, yeah cause nothing was working dope is is the worst, a dope fiend with no hustle stays sick all day. i’ve robbed,jacked, straight stolen,embezzled, committed fraud , cloned cards, printed money , anything to keep well, after living if that is what you call it, among the dead, i was comfortable, addiction took my voice and i was ok with it cause i didn’t need to talk just get well, and addiction only purpose is to take, steal, any morals,value,dignity that you have, only to toss you away like discarded wrappers, but recovery gives like addiction takes, thru a few close friends who chose to keep caring i live now, and i remember prior to parole i was so afraid had no options, all were gone, and i am here making a way paroled in july 16 2012 and thru music and couple friends, i am here , today discovering photography, never dreaming i would be any good at it, apparently i am , and support my self thru that love, mostly live music, studio shoots , promo whatever it takes to keep myself outta harms way and not in a cell you can see my work on the gram @ thehomiebobbyrio yes just like spelled all one word and redemption_images also instagram or facebook bobby rio1503 from 2live crew, social distortion ice tea body count the dickies the off spring gbh kiefer sutherland band and way to many to list i found what i was never to have found before, the marbles still in front closet never played with them, the money given to one of my sons, but those marbles and false promises ruined my life i take full responsibility in mine no one to blame but myself . #hatethediseasenottheaddict #odayatatime got my six and had a few couple nighters and back on the path to right i admit i powerless to addiction, but if my words can help if only just one i am doing good, i’ve lived loved,lost,then cried am not ashamed of crying it brought relief, makes no difference where u come from only where you are and where you’re going silence is for the weak i will not be silenced ever again in fact the couple fender benders i reached out to my closet and told on myself. My name is bobby rio i am a warrior and a survivor if i can do it so can anybody don’t be afraid. get yourself some livin substance free.


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