I took my life back! One year sober! – @SoberMovement

ONE YEAR without a drop of alcohol. I am grateful for my growth this past year and proud of accomplishing what was unquestionably the hardest ordeals of my life. My journey could not have been possible without the love, patience, and understanding of my family members and close friends. Most importantly- giving my struggles and trust over to God pushed me to be better. There is a deep stigma associated with addiction and alcohol, and I was so afraid of how others around me would judge me that it nearly cost me my life. Today, I thank God for liberating me from my despair and for loving me unconditionally. To celebrate one year sober, I made the 8 mile round trip hike to McAfee Knob in Southwestern Virginia- something that was impossible one year ago. The hike, much like my sobriety, was difficult and seemed impossible at times- but the payout was worth it!


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