My Journey as an Addict

I never thought I was an addict. I always believed I was in control over the drugs I was using. Then cocaine consumed my life. I was given an ultimatum by my family, keep using and be gone from our lives or try recovery and have our support. I spent thirty days in a recovery program when I was admitted I knew I needed help death would have been the only option at that point. When i was admitted and my vitals were taken my parents and I were told I was a walking heart attack waiting to happen. I should have already overdosed and my parents would have been the ones to find me. Now almost seven months clean and serene my life is finally back in my hands. Narcotics anonymous has kept me going strong and my dreams of achieving my goals are actually an obtainable reality. I thank my higher power my sponsor and my family for continuing to give me strength. It’s a miracle I am alive.

Contributor: Sebastian Hincapie
IG: @Sebastian_biomed

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