No Struggles – @SoberMovement

Every day is NOT a struggle anymore ! My life took a big turn 6 years ago when I was in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship and in order to coop with it I turned to drinking.It was awful . I turned into a full blown alcoholic! I wanted to stop and I didn’t know how , when I stopped I was getting sicker and sicker . I tapered for 6 months and now I am 3 years sober and I can’t describe the feeling but that I have happy tears in my eyes! The recovery process was HELL ; besides the fact that I gained 60 pounds the anxiety, the panic attacks, the muscle pain and muscle craps, the ringing in the ears, the skin,the depression, the night sweats, the tiredness, the headaches were unbearable. For one year every day I thought I was going to die and I even accepted death. Now i lost 45 pounds I have 15 more to go, no more anxiety or any other horrible withdrawals.It was a VERY VERY LONG recovery process but I survived the madness ! I feel reborn and stronger than ever ! If I can do it so can you !!!


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