One Day at a Time – @SoberMovement

The photo on the left is me at the end of 15 years of struggling with addiction; this was the beginning of the night before I was arrested in a blackout. Drugs and alcohol were my original solutions that temporarily quieted the overwhelming fear and pain inside of me. On the left is a woman who is spiritually bankrupt, exhausted by the insanity of addiction and completely out of options for finding ways to drink and use successfully. I was completely broken and only a shell of myself remained. But a power greater than myself brought me to one decision away from a totally different life. Without my family’s faith that the little girl they once knew was still buried deep inside, I wouldn’t have been able to finally get off the vicious cycling wheel that was destroying my life. By the grace of god the woman on the right is celebrating one year of sobriety. The decision of sobriety is one I’ve made every single day, but just one day at a time. I’m still scared and sometimes sad but I’m learning how to handle it. I’ve learned that I don’t have to fear my emotions; I just have to know how to let the difficult ones pass. I have support from my family, god, my sponsor, AA, my treatment center/sober house and my friends. I stay grateful each and every day for everything that I have, but mostly for the peace in my soul. Instead of fearing what may happen next, I’m excited to see what this world has in store for me. Trust god – clean house – help others. Happy Independence Day ❤️


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