All Recovery Took Was Willingness

My names Ty. I struggled w addiction since I was 12. In 5 months I’ll be 40! Alcohol and cocaine was my d.o.a. With heavy use the last 10 yrs. Last yr I was in the emergency room 3x, hit by a car which landed me in jail w a broken leg. Lost my wife, family, job(s), car and self respect. I didn’t want to live anymore. I’m proud to say I’m almost 6 months free of that which would’ve killed me due to working a strong program w/ a great support system. I can’t imagine ever going back to that misery! Recovery IS WAY BETTER than DEATH!

Thanks for your inspiring posts!

I’ll try to make this short. I don’t remember ever really being happy as a kid or teen unless it involved doing what I shouldn’t outside of the home that was filled with mixed messages. I was the kid that was smart but lacked focus and wanted to fit in with what I witnessed. I grew up in the worse parts on my city. Everyone I knew were drug dealering gang members that had everything I wanted. So I became one also. I started showing signs of addictive behavior around 12 yrs old. At 13 I got into a car with a complete stranger because he showed me a beer. That man took me to a run down motel, drugged me and tried to molest me. Around 14 there was the time I went to a party on the wrong side of town and another man beat my face with a bat, fists and steel-toed boots til I was unrecognizable. He said he did it because I drank up a lot of his liquor and never introduced myself. At 15 I was sentenced to six months at our state training school for boys. I ended up staying two years because of gang activity. Fast forward past the multiple DUIs, prison stays, two broken marriages, many suicide attempts, the lose of a rewarding and promising career and many other actions that could’ve either killed me, someone else or landed me in prison for life. I felt as if even though I have family and “friends” that love me I was alone. Through all this my HIGHER POWER (God) decided that he’d keep me around to show others that addiction, depression and anxiety can be overcome simply IF WE ARE WILLING. I finally surrendered and now I feel as if my future is brighter than ever. I’m coming up on six months clean. I have a new career that though I make less money, I’m happy and there’s no real stress. I take medication to help with my depression and anxiety. I know that the alcohol and drugs was like a tiny bandage on a severed head. It did nothing! I hope that I can inspire others to give up that life and begin living to their fullest potential. No matter what I’m asked to do today I am willing as long as it’s going forward. One year ago I was lost and today I’ve found my path and walking it ONE DAY AT A TIME! Thank you for reading this.

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  1. Amen!!! Hallelujah!! Glory To God!!! This is an amazing testimony and I just want you to know that you can do this!! He is able to keep you through it all! Stay focused and pretty soon you will hit the 10 year mark like me! He is a Good God and I’m glad He delivered you!

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