Sober and awake! – @SoberMovement

I was getting through life, work, being a mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend. Was I doing it well? Not too sure and pretty I wasn’t! I was tired, my tank was empty, I wasn’t thinking as clearly as I wanted and was short with people more often than I cared to admit with a short fuse with issues at work. I was so tired of being tired yet I was stuck in this cycle! The minute I’d get home with my kids, I’d pour my first glass of wine, make dinner, have another and another. By the time my husband got home around 6:40, I was drunk! I always had a great reason: a great day, a bad day, a so so day, there was always a reason to drink. Finally my soul had just had enough of feeling empty, feeling ashamed of what I was showing my kids each night, how I wasn’t present or awake for my life. I wanted out but had no idea how to do it and was fearful I would fail. I prayed to God every week to help give me the strength. I also ran across Annie Grace and between my prayers being answered and Annie’s nonjudgmental encouragement, I gave it a try. One day led to another, before I knew it I had not drank for 2 days, then 2 weeks, then 30 days, then 3 months, then 6, then 1 year, and now 444 days! It’s been since 10/21/17! It is possible to quit drinking. I never thought I would say I’m sober and I don’t drink! But I do and am so happy I am present for my children, my work, my family and myself! Thank God and thank Annie for saving me!! On left, while drinking, on right, 1 year + with no alcohol.


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