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My name is DJ Vinsant im 28 years old and ive been a heroin addict for 11 years. As a addict I’ve been in and out of jail several times. I have spent time in the Arizona Department of Corrections on drug charges. I have also spent a lot of time homeless running the streets of Arizona getting high. I lost my kids to my parents because of my numerous arrest CPS stepped in and removed my two kids from me. I have just about done it all when it comes to addiction i defiantly hit rock bottom and never thought I would make it out. I almost died last year from a bacterial blood infection from using needles. Finally for the first time ever I was arrested once more and Instead of going to jail or prison they sent me to rehab. Since then Ive remained sober from all drugs and alcohol. I started my own business called Fight 4 Recovery AZ. I have my own clothing line and YouTube channel. I have been sober for 10 months now. I also just started my new job a few weeks ago for Southwest Behavioral and Health Services witch is the very Out Patient clinic that runs the rehab I went to and Is also the clinic I had to go to for all my substance abuse classes I now facilitate groups in the same room I sat as an addict. My kids remain in the custody of my parents but I get them part time now and have a amazing relationship with them and all my family. Thank you guys.

DJ Visant

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