Sober for 4 years! – @SoberMovement

Hi everyone, I just want give some inspiration to someone today.

4 years ago I was down and out. I have health issues in my left arm. I have complex regional pain syndrome and my arm feels like it’s on fire all the time And drinking alcohol was my thing to numb my pain and emotions.

I decided I wanted to get sober for my kids and husband and my for my health.

It’s not my 1st time in recovery.
In 2007 I was in la county jail in Lynnwood, ca
I was on my day bunk and was invited to an aa meeting.
I thought nothing of it. I got out of jail and was drinking again.
I got 6 months sober and got to do a snowboarding TV show called the block hotel on the g4 channel.
I was 6 months sober. I won my job and moved to south lake Tahoe.
I ended up relapsing and had lost everything I came home and went to acton rehab.12 years ago my friend dropped me off and said “do not talk to the men or boys “.
The 1st person I saw was this guy.
It was love at 1st sight.
Me and rich have been together ever since we got out of rehabilitation. We went to different sober livings and then saved till we can live together.
Then couple years we both relapsed.

Today I can say i am alcohol free and don’t miss the hangovers.

God is on my side and I am beyond blessed.
I hope this encourages someone struggling today.


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