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I got sober at the age of 25. I am 32 now. Sobriety and recovery IS possible! My life today totally rocks! It is full of love and light and is more amazing than I could have ever dreamed of. I was living a hard, in and out of treatments, struggling to survive every day, dark and drug fueled life. Heart stopping, Overdosing multiple times, hospital visits, arrests, rehabs around the country, couldn’t stop even if I wanted to, lost soul. But- As far down as I went, I never lost hope. I did not want to keep hurting those I loved so much and I knew I was knocking on death’s door. But I couldn’t stop. I was dying and I could feel it. I had a hole in my soul. I was introduced to 12 step programs at my first rehab at the age of 18. I always knew where to go back to. By the Grace of God, in 3 days I will celebrate 7 years clean and sober. My heart explodes in gratitude daily. I get to be a wife, a momma to 3 beautiful boys who were all born in sobriety, a daughter, a sister, a productive member of society and a true friend. I am honest and trustworthy today. I am living out my dreams and doing what God put me on this earth to do. I am living my best life and having a blast every day! Today I have a purpose, self love and live to hopefully help another struggling addict or alcoholic. None of us are alone in this and with the help of God and each other we can overcome anything. I truly believe this in my soul. With God, your higher power, literally all things are possible. Never give up on yourself and always hang on to that small glimmer of hope and always reach out for help. Addiction and alcoholism do not discriminate but has one sole purpose. For those struggling, you can be a miracle too. We are all miracles. Keep fighting. Love & Light, Fara. 32 years old. Mom of 3. 12/10/2012 💕💕💕


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  1. Thank you for your brave words. My son is 28 and struggling like you were. He feels he would be all alone if he goes Sober, but knowing that it’s excepted now in society is really helpful. Any words of wisdom for me as I try and talk to him with unconditional love?


    1. HI MIke,
      I read your comment and my heart popped out of my chest. I went through the same thing you are going through. My son today is an amazing man. It took him to the age of 28 and rock bottom to see where his life was headed. He said he needed help, but he wouldn’t take it. Finally, I had to turn him over to the care of God, because I couldn’t fix him. My life revolved around fixing him. I was caught up in his battle. Only, it became my battle against him. It was just making things worse. I was falling deeper into my own pain. I finally went to other alcoholics in recovery to learn that I couldn’t do for him what he wouldn’t do for himself. Its his battle. My job was to love him without enabling him. It was hard but once he realized I wasn’t good for his addiction anymore he started looking around. He was alone. So when they tell you they don’t want to be alone its their was of holding onto you. You need to let go and let god do his work.

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