Sobriety and God’s Amazing Grace – @SoberMovement

On June 6, 2017 I entered rehab for the 5th time and was completely at the rock bottom of a 15 year dark drug addiction. Over the years I battled everything from heroin, crack cocaine, benzos, and ALL the things in between. I was the epitome of a drug addict. I hurt everyone around me and was completely self centered. I was beyond lost and out of control. While in treatment I picked up a recovery bible and began to read it. I cried out to Jesus and He rescued me and begin to transform me. After treatment I entered a faith based transitional living program and begin to rebuild my life. One day at a time my foundation was strengthened and I got involved in the recovery and church community. Today I celebrate 18 months and now work as a caseworker for the program that showed me how to truly live! Its only by the grace of God that I have life today and within my life , purpose! I am now able to love and help others coming out of treatment and lead them on this journey of recovery! I only had to change one thing, and that was EVERYTHING!!


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