Sobriety date: 12/11/08

Sobriety date: 12/11/08. My substance use history = fun; exciting; thrill-seeking; enhancing; escaping; self-medicating; social problems; destructive/hurtful to others; family conflict; legal issues; car accidents; overdose; temporary-induced psychosis; pain; chaos; hijacked brain; enslavement; shame; broken; hell. My nine years of recovery = healing; amends; forgiveness; acceptance; challenging; liberation; passion; serenity; empathy; family; relations; clarity; daunting; equanimity; fulfillment; joy; adventure; wife/best friend; children (pride & joy); direction; purpose; resiliency; difficulty; endurance; mentoring; counseling; patience; consciousness; heartache; hope; faith; gratitude; communion; heaven. #onedayatatime #glorytoGod

Contributor: Daniel Barnes
IG: theastral

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