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I just turned 38 yesterday! Nuts man. I feel 28 today. The picture on the left was taken about 16 months ago. The one on the right was taken yesterday. A family member tagged me in the one on the left with her birthday wishes. I hadn’t seen any pictures of me from that time. Don’t think any were really taken as I had become a total recluse in the last years of my addiction. I never left the house for anything really except to make my rounds to the liquor stores as to not appear as I was buying copious amounts of booze. I was also getting it delivered along with anything else I needed. Mainly mixers, groceries, takeout etc. I would not eat for days so to not go into withdrawals then be so starving I’d binge and pass out only to wake up shaking and throwing up. The psychosis was getting really bad. The anxiety and terror I felt was truly crippling. I was on deaths door. My organs were shutting down whenever I tried a stent of tapering off. I mean like a week in to reducing consumption of just one drink per day or trying to make it till noon for my next drink etc. I would pace back and forth by the bottle for as long as I could bare before having to drink out of a straw with the bottle on the counter for about an hour until the shakes went away enough for me to mix a drink and sit on the couch for for the rest of the day. This went on for years. Thank god for my kids as they were basically the only reason I didn’t take myself out of the game and finally checked into medical assisted detox. It was like prison but was the first step. After about a week of that I decided to go to Texas from Tennessee for a 30 day inpatient rehab. That turned into another 6 weeks of Intensive outpatient then about 5 months in a sober living community. I started driving for a ride share for work and I can’t recommend it enough. It got me out in public in a safe place (my car) interacting with all types of people and was just another thing reinforcing not drinking, well because driving, and seeing bar goers at the end of the night. It has also been a great way to network and learn a new place (decided to stay in Texas). I now have a life I couldn’t have imagined just 16 months ago! One of my two boys has moved out here to live with me and I’m really getting a chance to connect with them and make up for lost time. Today I am 15 months 11 days sober and can’t wait to see what God has in store next!


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  1. hey there,
    a true inspiration that one can change his life for good. in your case it was your kids who motivated you to change but in my case it was my friends who never left hope on me. but in the end we are only saved by love. so spread love in others life because life is a gift.

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