Sobriety is Tough, I am Tough!

It’s been one hell of a ride but by the Grace of God I’m sober while writing this. On 11-11-15 I started a new life in sobriety that I had been chasing for years. It took me a very long time to forgive myself for some things I had done in the past, but once I quit believing my own bullshit and justifying why I was staying drunk or high something inside clicked. This time I got sober for me! Once I truly got honest with myself and made peace with my mistakes life got easier. It hasn’t been all roses and unicorns but today I literally live my life one day at a time because I really shouldn’t be alive! Thanks to all of the people ahead of me that keep me striving, the people that walk with me and keep me humble and the people I had to leave behind to find the life I only dreamed of!! God Bless…

Contributor: Jason Rogers

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