Turning Pain to Purpose in Recovery

Sober from opiates and ecstasy for 16 years. Sober from alcohol for 3 and a half years. Codependency recovery for 7 years. Sexual abuse recovery for 7 years. Grief recovery for 3 years. The latest: Endometriosis recovery for 6 months.

If there’s anything I learned in recovery it is that recovery ends when I’m in the grave, whether I’m sober or not. Life is going to continue to throw things at me. The recovery process will carry me through these things. Every. Single. Time.

Recovery saved me from addiction and alcoholism, and saved my marriage. Recovery saved my children. Best of all, because of recovery, I will have my MA Degree in Counseling in a few months and will spend my life serving others in recovery.

Through the pain, passion is born. When you discover your passion, you discover your purpose. When you find your purpose, my dear, you are unstoppable.

Stay sober my friends!

Contributor: Rachel Stephens
IG: @the_recovery_haven
Blog: The Recovery Haven

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