We do recover

Hi my name is Carissa my recovery date is 12/08/15 I celebrated 2 years in December. I never thought I could achieve a month let alone 2 years. I have a life today and I get to learn how to live it. I am also a trauma survivor who doesn’t have to just survive I GET the opportunity to be present today and for that I’m forever grateful. Through the fellowship and my faith I can be a good mother to my 9 month old daughter, a good partner and a honest person. Thank you for my recovery.

Contributor: Carissa

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  1. Hi there Carrisa first off a Big Congratulations on your Sobriety it has to start from somewhere weather its 2 hours or 2 days but it only gets Better and Better I myself am going on 7 years of Sobriety! Thank God we are Alive to see what life is about and I truly believe its having Faith first off on the Lors above and Family and Health because without our Health we have Nothing sounds like you choose to go down the Right Road in Life anyhow Congratulations Again Great Kob let me know if you ever have a Question or just someone to talk to I’m Here for you …Thank you

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