2 years sober from Alcohol.(3·18·18)

Hello my name is Raheem. And I have been sober off Alcohol for 2 years today.

Addiction has been a revolving door in my family. I lost both my mother and brother and not too long ago an uncle who was an addict as well, all of whom dealt with it and health issues. Smh. I remember when the Alcohol stopped affecting me the way I needed it to and at that time, I was in the darkest of places mentally. Marriage was pretty much done, job overworked me, gave up on my goals, and those demons would not allow me feel peace. So suicide was an option as well as going to harder options. But my Higher Power really shook me up and told me..it’s REHAB time son.

And as nervous as I could be..it was one of the greatest experiences I have encountered. So many brothers and sisters who all shared the common goal I had to get clean and live life again on it’s terms. Play the tape out..Peace and Blessings to you all. Take it one 24 at a time. Do the best you can and remain strong…just for today.

Contributor: Raheem

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