3 Years Sober – ODAAT – On Repeat – @SoberMovement

3 years ago, I woke-up with my last hangover, the result of one final attempt to escape the reality of a lifetime of hurt: Growing up in a legacy of addiction, the untimely death of my parents, a failed marriage, climaxing in a swift, ultimatum-less fizzle, and long pause on suicide. – all quelled and neatly swirled in the bottom of countless bottles – one last hangover, one more for the road – the road that lead me here.
Hi, I’m Pete, and today I’m 3 years sober. In that time, my life has improved dramatically. My relationships with virtually everyone has improved. I’m a better father, brother, uncle and friend. Health wise, I gotten active, lost over 60lbs, and quit smoking too. Career wise, my performance improved and resulted in 3 separate promotions. Without question, my life is better when I’m sober. It hasn’t always been easy, far from it, but I’ve learned that experiencing life in its entirety, unencumbered by synthetic comfort is worth every ounce of struggle. Life is a beautiful thing, and I’m so incredibly thankful to be a part of it again. I have absolutely no regrets about getting clean.

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  1. Thank you for the hope and inspirational words. It really is one day at a time… one hour at a time for those of us afraid of such a life change .

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