4 Years free ❤️

 I don’t usually share photos and private details of my life, especially on social media. But I believe this is important for others to see there’s hope.
5.15.14 ☝🏼Four years ago I made one of the most important—yet scariest choices thus far in my life. I had to choose whether I wanted to Live or Die. I chose to change my life for the better, unknowing what my life would look like. I was tired of running from the things that kept me up at night. Tired of being in what I thought was a relationship, where I was brainwashed and beaten down physically and mentally every day for 3 years. Tired of not being MYSELF. I’m NOT a victim by any means; I made my choices. I chose to change and create a new life for myself. I had to have my own back. I’ve made choices to ensure my success and health every day since 5.15.14. Men & women die every single day from addiction and domestic violence, & I believe it’s so important to bring awareness to it. If you see someone struggling, reach out. Think about how you treat people, you never know what they’re going through whether you can see it or not. If you’re not happy with your life, YOU are the only one who can change that. I know it’s hard, living a double life and pretending everything is fine. Change isn’t easy. Speaking up is SO scary. Feeling alone can be dangerous. But, the moment you decide to be YOU and turn negativity into positivity, good things will come. Today the most important thing to me is how I feel and think of myself when I’m alone and no one is around. I DON’T regret my past; it allowed me to create a beautiful life. I’m grateful for my loving family, REAL friends, and beautiful souls I’ve met in the process of this all. 🙏🏼


Contributor: Nina

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