5 Years! Now I’m Running TO Life, Not From.

Rehab, jail, felonies, near-death experiences, sober living, losing jobs, cars, aparments, trust, everything… None of it was painful enough to make me stop. I could not imagine living without drugs & alcohol. They felt as vital to me as air. I was always on the run from myself, living in 9 states in 5 years & going through relationships like Kleenex. I swore the next thing was going to be better. It never was.

It was only after a seemingly insignificant coincidence with my sober living director that the pain of using was finally more than the pain, fear, & anxiety of stopping. I’ve found all the things in recovery that I was searching for in drugs & alcohol: genuine happiness, peace, contentment, & acceptance. Today, my life is infinitely better than I could ever have hoped. I have a fantastic job, a valid license, a car I own, great relationships with people, money in the bank, & so much more.

The promises are real & I am living proof that recovery is absolutely worth it. One day, one hour, one minute at a time. We can do this.

Contributor: Lindsey

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