5 Years Sober!!

Nothing like waking up this morning from a relapse dream! So all I gotta say is, there are times over the last 5 years when I didn’t want sobriety. Times i wanted to say “eff it” and throw it all away. Life is still hard and challenging. Yes, It’s better in the sense that I’m not an active shitty drunk/drug addict, but now I have to actually DEAL with the stuff that is hard. I have to actually FEEL the painful feelings I numbed and hid from for so long. I finally asked for help 5 years ago when I was 32 years old. I hadn’t had any kind of decent stint of sobriety since I was a teenager, so this is truly amazing. Even though the way I do sobriety isn’t the way a lot of people do, it still works for me! Obviously!

Contributor: Katie

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