6 Months Sober After 17 Years of Abuse

After 17 years of abusing alcohol, binge drinking, enduring 5-day hangovers, promising I’d “never drink again” only to relapse that very next weekend, I’m finally 6 months sober today! Woot woot! I started back in December with a 100-day sobriety challenge, during which time I told myself I’d evaluate how I felt at the end and see if I’d go back to drinking.

During those 100 days, I made so many changes and actually created a life that I enjoy way more without alcohol. I made some new sober friends, ended toxic relationships, started a new business, took up some interesting new hobbies, lost a little weight, and so much more.

If I have one piece of advice to share with those brand-new to sobriety, it would be this: no matter what path you choose (AA, rehab, solo/DIY, etc…) make sure you have some connections to other sober people. As an introvert I really disliked AA or group counseling, but I found the online sober blogosphere extremely helpful. So many amazing people who “get it” are ALWAYS here for you around the clock. If you can’t or don’t go to meetings, use online resources so you won’t go it alone. You don’t have to!

Looking forward to the next 6 months and beyond!

Contributor: Allie

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