6 Months Sober and Loving Life – @SoberMovement

“One day at a time”. When I first heard that, I thought it *just* meant one day without drinking at a time. And, while that’s a large part of it, I was confused. I found the whole not drinking thing remarkably, and unnervingly, easy. Was I a fake alcoholic?! Could I have done this years ago?! Probably not. It would mean repeating the cycle of cutting back only to ramp up again. Rock bottom is individual and, for me, I had had enough. There was no alternative to my self medicating than sobriety. I didn’t want another hangover, another morning looking at my phone through nervous eyes, another day starting “what did I say/do this time?”. For me “one day at a time” is what follows from not drinking. One day at a time learning to love myself again. One day at a time to feel the joy of freedom again. One day at a time to learn that I’m a better partner and friend sober. One day at a time to learn that my happiness comes from me, and is no one else’s responsibility but my own. One day at a time to realise how much support has been there the whole time, and to forgive myself for being so blind to it. I adore “one day at a time” and all the delight that it brings. It is by no means without conflict but each day, taken one at a time, offers new opportunity to grow and cherish life.


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