A Different Perspective

I just wanted to give a shout out to all the participants here as an indirect substance abuse victim. It’s very motivating to see many people embracing a sober life but what I really want them to understand is how much their loved ones and close friends appreciate the initiative. The most pure motivation is to do it for oneself, sure, but as a person who has been sober all my life because of my surroundings and still lived under the dark cloud of its effects I can’t express how grateful I am for outlets like this.

It seems pretty rare and as a young person it is difficult to explain but it is so important. To all the parents who improved their lifestyle to benefit their children, I thank you. To all the children who improved their lifestyle to benefit their parents, I thank you. To all the best friends who improved their lifestyle to retain their most important relationship outside of family, I thank you.

This organization is proof that you’re not just doing it for yourself. Even if that was the case initially, you are now doing it for every person you interact with going forward. And the resulting positivity is the gratitude we all seek.

Contributor: Teddy

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