A Soldiers Story.

My Name is Paul and I am a Grateful recovering addict, I’m also a Combat Vet of 4 Deployments with the US Army. I joined the army to get away from the hardship of addiction, which for the 8 years I served active duty, (currently reservist) kept me accountable but not sober, add combat PTSD to the mix and a level of no fear after war, and the army only enabled my defects of character greater, after leaving active duty I soon found myself quickly falling apart and back to my old coping ways, with an isolation to life that almost killed me. By the grace of god, someone very special, and my own willingness to surrender, I found myself in treatment and in the cusp of the program, after finding a vet sponsor and doing the 12 steps of AA as well as NA meetings I find myself 4 months clean, sober and serene like never before. I have two home groups, I sponsor someone now, and I am a HnI rep for one of my groups. This fellowship and the 12 steps have given me a new lease on life. It’s made me realize how much I didn’t appreciate coming home from combat alive and the power I had as a leader. It not only made me apprciate everything I had in front of me, it made me a better person, a better leader, husband, friend and father. Thank your higher power for another day clean. Thank your higher power for another day alive and happy. And thank your higher power for another day of freedom. As I fight for the freedom of this country I am greatful for the freedom from addiction..

Always SSG Biz

Contributor: Paul

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