Cycling Through Sobriety – @SoberMovement

Today I am celebrating SIX MONTHS SOBER.

When I hit what I call my “rock bottom” with alcohol, I remember being completely wasted in my apartment and following 20 Instagram accounts dedicated to sobriety begging for them to inspire me to change. I had the idea of living a sober life but I could never really hit my stride, so to say. I could go a week or two without alcohol and once I reached that I would reward myself with a night of binge drinking because I “earned” it. A really toxic and honest way of thinking.

I moved to NYC five months ago with one month of sobriety under my belt, no job, and a phone lock screen of the Flywheel Sports logo. I have wanted to work for this company for over two years hoping that one day I would be fortunate enough to work for them in some capacity. I decided to commit to sobriety in hopes that it would keep my mind clear and my intentions focused so that I would be able to give my full self, authentically and honestly to whatever came my way.

Here I stand, with six whole months of feeling feelings fully, working through each moment honestly, and working for Flywheel Sports. I work with some of the most amazing coworkers and instructors who inspire me to show up and become a better person. My sober journey is still new and ever-changing but today and many other days serve as an incredible reminder of the life-changing gift I have given myself.

To my circle who believes in the air I breathe every single day… I thank you. I still need you. I love you. Here’s to another milestone and another incredible day. – Michael 💙

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