Duck Pond

When I hear people’s stories about drinking they often compare it to a roller coaster or a merry go round – I couldn’t agree more. My best friend ( sober too ) and I call sobriety the DUCK POND of the carnival . You always win at that game no matter what duck you pick. The same goes for sobriety – no matter what happens in sobriety I win because I get to handle it head on and sober !

In my attached image my shirt says ” do what makes your soul happy” – being sober makes my soul happy ! I love your instagram and love reading everyone’s personal stories. I have been sober since August 19th , 2017 and I have found a happy, joyous and free life. I don’t hide anymore with alcohol or a pill – I’m just present for my life. Being sober has made me feel emotions for the first time in my life and sometimes it’s really hard – really really hard but I know I always have support within my program to take my hand. I love knowing that no matter what life throws at me – I’ll get through it – sober. My sobriety is first in my life and without I wouldn’t have a life. No drink is worth drinking and no drink is ever one drink for me. I thank my higher power every morning when I wake up for another day sober and I say the serenity prayer multiple times throughout the day. I love life today.

Contributor: Monica

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