Drugs & Hot Mess to Blessed – Clean and Sober

I started drinking at age 12. I did it because everyone else did. I looked up to one of my sisters and she drank as well and I wanted to be just like her. So I started and I immediately loved it. By the age of 13 I almost lost my life after a night of drinking liquor. I ended up in the hospital and almost died from too much alcohol. Almost but He saved me. By age 15 I was out of control. I had been in and out of JDC and always drank. People tried to get me to stop but it never worked. Jail. Probation. Counseling. Nothing worked. By age 20 I was a bad drinker. I had already been arrested as an adult now and I didn’t see any stopping. I also had a child. He seen me through all of my drinking. When I was 24 I became addicted to Coke and ended up loosing a baby because of it. I had no idea I was pregnant.

That stopped the coke use for now. My drinking was getting worse though. An intervention was staged and I complied for a few months. I tried an environment change but even that didn’t work after time. I always went back to drinking. By age 30 I was in deep. I had been caught selling drugs and I was placed on probation. My only stipulation was to not drink. The mere thought of not drinking by this time was far fetched. I lied to everyone around me and even myself. I snuck drinks. I would wait until really late to start drinking. I his bottles. Then I got caught. Twice actually. Twice my probation officer gave me a chance. Like a true alcoholic though, I will once again violate the rules and everyone’s trust. August 4th, 2012 I began my drinking first thing in the morning. I was trashed by the afternoon. As always with me, I picked a fight with my boyfriend. I had recently became very abusive. I would punch him in the face multiple times all because he didn’t want me to drink. I continued drinking into the next morning of the 5th. I finally stopped somewhere between 2am-3am.

I didn’t realize it yet but that would be my very last time drinking ever. I passed out in the bed. Shortly later my rock bottom arrived in the form of two police officers. I was immediately arrested for domestic violence. I don’t remember any of it. When I seen his face and chest after they put me in cuffs, I shrunk back. He had a gigantic bruise where I bit him on his chest and his face was red and beginning to bruise. I went to jail. This was my last straw and I knew it. I knew I would be going to prison now and I got so depressed about it. I didn’t see any reason to live after hurting those that I loved so much. I couldn’t take back what I had done and it was eating me up. So on August 5th, 2012 I made the first attempt on my life. I was found bleeding and rushed to the hospital. September 11th, 2012 was the second attempt. I drank chemicals. God saved me from those attempts though. He had bigger plans for me than to just die like this.

So I was sent to prison after a hospital stay and I began my transformation. I was in prison for 20 months. I decided to look at prison as a learning lesson and a way to get sober instead of “poor me I’m in prison”, I thought how I could keep myself sober and not hurt anyone again. I made a plan and stuck to it. Then my release date (3/5/14) came. I was released and immediately moved to the other side of the united states and changed my life. Today I am not only the mother of my two children but I am also the bonus mother to three amazing kids and engaged to the man I was supposed to be with a long time ago. He knew me when I was 17 but we couldn’t be together yet. He went to the Army and I had to live the crazy life I lived. All that just so when we find each other, I can be the best me ever. He gets only the good parts of me. I’m not perfect and we don’t get along sometimes, but this relationship was made by God so we work out anything. I thank God everyday for my sobriety. My life is so much better now being sober and I love it. The photo is me on my last day of drinking compared to me today. What a change!

Author: Deanna Rochelle Mompher-Ley

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