It is possible!!!!!

I’ve been clean for just over 16 months!!!!! I can’t explain how grateful I am to have another chance at life today. I have walked through so much including a DCFS case and rebuilding relationships I have destroyed. I have 2 children born addicted to herion at birth and I got clean before my last daughter was born and had to watch her withdrawal in the ICU.

It was a blessing that I got that opportunity to do that so I could watch and feel those emotions. It was a huge wake up call on what I have to not only do for myself, but my family!!!! I was able to beat my DCFS case in just 7 months, complete IOP in that same time frame, and got all 3 of my kids back under the same roof.

I also was able to get my wife and little brother into treatment and get them the help they needed. They just hit their one year and I couldn’t have been more happy to be where we are at today in our lives.

Contributor: Levi

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