Lost Broken and Hopeless

4 years ago I left my family and decided I was gonna end it all. I was crashing at a dope house slamming heroin for days I was lost, broken and hopeless and on April 20th of 2014 I overdosed but God wasn’t done with me yet. I am a testament to the FACT that God can revive, restore, repair, redeem, anything, anyone, and use anybody. My whole life has been a fight, and there is not too much that I can’t relate to people about. God has brought me through every hell, and covered me in grace and mercy through every failure. When I tell you God can protect you, it is because He has protected my life, from overdose after overdose from attempted suicide attempts through my drug use. When I say God can repair and restore, my relationship with family and friends and kids went through it all and it was so broken on paper but God has turned it all around and breathed life into all those relationships. When I say God can give you the power to forgive the unforgivable, love the unlovable and have peace that passes all understanding it is because He gave me the power. When I say God’s love can restore you no matter what you have done, it is because I have been a backslider, I have returned to my addictions and darkness over and over, and have failed God over and over again. When I tell you God can clean up the messes in your life it is because I seen Him do it in mine. When I tell you God can provide when you see no way, it is because He has done it so many times in my life. Man. I am going to go live my life as a testimony today and everyday 🙌🙌🙌🙌 #recovery #4yearsClean

Contributor: David

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