Lost Soul

My name is Nadya, I have been sober since December 3, 2017, before that I had 6 months sober. But this time around it feels different.

You see, for a long time I was what you would call a ” lost soul”. Drinking and partying was what I lived for, it was my passion and it was my self destruction. I became a mom at a young age of 18 (the same time my alcoholism started) and even that wasn’t enough to stop the party, oh no not for me! A couple years passed and I had another baby. That still wasn’t enough. You see, I had demons that I didn’t want to face, except I constantly chose to run away from them like the black plague. As I was doing that I hurt everyone around me. People that I loved and cared about, but most of all I was hurting myself, completely blinded from this disease of my mind.

Until finally one day I woke up and I couldn’t take it anymore, I knew I was meant to be something more, I knew my kids could have the mother they deserve and I knew I was capable of giving and receiving love. I would never imagine that I would be working on my own business and be the person that I am today. But I did it! And all I could say that I am really grateful for the hardships I went through because I seriously wouldn’t have learned everything that I know now.


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