My weekend at the bar isn’t your normal weekend

I decided I didn’t want to die! I made a choice to quit drinking my feelings to numb the hurt and disappointment I felt inside because I became the person I swore I wouldn’t be.

My self destructive behavior should have killed me; if not by the bar stool I was struck with, the drinking and driving that causes me thousands of dollars in vehicle damage but I escaped unscathed, the random drugs I would take while drunk or the men I didn’t know that I let have my body.

I was spared. I have a purpose, a purpose beyond my comprehension. I am 4 1/2 years clean and sober because I went in with a desire to live and relapse was not an option for I knew I may never return.

My Friday Nights at the bar are very different now, they include iron, sweat and even so sometimes tears.

These two pictures I keep to remind myself where I climbed out of. The others are to drive me forward.

Contributor: Andromeda

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