What the duck 🦆 – @SoberMovement

My name is Derek, I am an addict.

When I was 20 or so (somewhere around there… Those days are a bit of a blur..) I had a pet duck.

I had recently gotten kicked out of my living situation and was essentially living in my car, so why not get a pet, right?? He was small enough to ride around with me while I did what we do in active addiction. I eventually started to “limit which drugs I was using” and started living with a girlfriend, but as those things go…. I went back to the drugs that I had been using previously. Needless to say, I was not fit to take care of another living creature (I couldn’t even take care of myself!!) And I had to give the duck to someone who could. I loved him very much though, so I knew someday when I get my life together, I had to get another one!

Fast forward to now (with 6 years clean and living in a house we own): I finally got my duck! His name is Ben Afquack. I decided that from day 1 I was going bring him everywhere with me and introduce him to as many people as possible. With the wonderful recovery network I have, he was constantly surrounded by good people and good vibes, and I KNOW that it has contributed to the unbelievable personality he now has.
Having fun in recovery has always been an important foundation to me staying clean. I was miserable when I was using, I chose to get clean to experience something DIFFERENT in my life!! So we decided to continue doing the same fun things we’ve been doing, but now we bring a duck with us (traveling on mopeds with a pet carrier). We go disc golfing, boating, fishing, hiking, tubing, riding, swimming, sledding, snowboarding, and exploring. We even took the duck to the gym with us! And we’ve documented all of it on an Instagram one of my friends initially created as a joke!

A lot of the things we did BLEW UP on the internet, and the dodo recently did a video on our adventures! So did “doing things” and “power of positivity”!


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